IncomeStorm – Important News Update. Please read!

We wish to happily inform you that from henceforth you will never miss an income again. The new income generating script has now been tested and installed, and it is functioning properly as anticipated. If you have missed an income in the past, please be informed that you will be compensated when brought to our attention, as we intend to extend the expiration date of your shares for the days missed.

You will also be happy to know that our referral script is being re-written to ensure those you refer are always placed in your downline when they visit IncomeStorm.Net through your referral url.

We are sorry there had been some minor problems in the past. We can now boldly tell you that the income generating script is working perfectly. Now that the income generating script bug has been taken care of, we are now working to speed up things so that your email contact requests are attended to as fast as possible. You also will now notice that your payments are made faster.

Kind regards and have a wonderful week ahead.


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